Compliance engineered for the Cloud
Salesforce maintains a comprehensive set of compliance certifications and attestations to validate our #1 value of Trust.
IP allowlisting is no longer a Salesforce security best practice. IP allowlisting requires vigilant maintenance when new instances come online. As Hyperforce rapidly scales, we expect the manual overhead of maintaining IP allow lists to become unmanageable for customers, resulting in potential service disruptions. Salesforce provides Hyperforce IPs for customers who have an insurmountable business or compliance requirement for IP allowlisting, or who need extra time to convert to modern security practices such as those described in Preferred Alternatives to IP Allowlisting on Hyperforce. The IPs provided in this article are for connections from Salesforce to the customer network, for products built on the Salesforce platform. These IPs are not for email, and not for Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Slack, or MuleSoft products.
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